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Reporter issues test warning after Covid left her tasting blood

Aditi Rane 2021A reporter who tasted blood in her throat after contracting Covid-19 has urgent others against complacency about testing for the illness.

Hull Daily Mail journalist Aditi Rane has revealed how she was “constantly coughing” and “could not breathe” through her nostrils due to the disease.

Aditi, pictured, tested positive for coronavirus on Christmas Eve, meaning she spent the entire festive period alone away from her partner and family.

She has since opened up on her experience in a first-person piece for the Mail’s Hull Live sister website.

The 24-year-old wrote: “At its worst, my fever hit a high of 40.5°C, I could not stay awake for more than 30 minutes at a time but also struggled to sleep because of the body aches.

“I was constantly coughing to the point I could taste blood in my throat and I could not breathe through both my nostrils at any point.

“After just two days, I felt like I was at my lowest. Seeing people posting pictures of their Christmas meals and fun day with their families definitely didn’t help either.

“However, while I was busy feeling sorry for myself, I later realised that at no point did I actually have to stop and genuinely worry for my life.”

Aditi went on to “blame my own complacency for how bad my symptoms got”.

She noted she had not taken a test in nearly a week-and-a-half prior to her booster jab appointment on 21 December “given the fact I lived alone, didn’t need to be in the office due to restrictions, and the fact that there had been a national shortage”.

Aditi added: “If I had regularly tested myself, I would’ve known I had Covid and never have gone to get a booster shot and my body would not have had such an adverse reaction.”

Aditi told HTFP her piece had been received “quite well” by readers.

She said: “A lot of people were in a similar position as me, having Covid over Christmas.

“A few people reached out to me and told me they also felt isolated going through it, but found comfort in knowing someone else was experiencing a similar thing.”

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