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Journalists thrown out of music festival after reporting on fight in crowd

Two journalists were ejected from a music festival after reporting on a fight which took place between a group of young women.

Plymouth Live reporters Erin Black and Amber Edwards say they were removed from the site under escort and told to remove their wristbands after organisers were unhappy with them reporting on the fight which led to one performer temporarily halting his act.

The journalists say they were approached by two of the festival organisers and were ejected from the site immediately after being accused of writing ‘clickbait coverage’.

They had been reporting on the second day of the 1 Big Summer festival on Friday which saw Years and Years headlining in the evening.

Rapper Not3s entertains the 1 Big Summer crowd

Rapper Not3s entertains the 1 Big Summer crowd

The pair had provided extensive coverage of the festival with videos, photos and live blogs as well as interviewing members of the audience and many of the performers.

According to their original report of the fight incident, performer Not3s was half-way through one of his songs when he called on his DJ to stop the music, calling out “Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop… What the f**k is going on over there? All of this cat scratching business…”

Said Amber: “Three girls got dragged out. It was quite bad – one was bleeding from her nose and mouth.

“He stopped mid-song because he could see what was happening. The security all rushed over to the middle at the front, pulled a girl over screaming and going mad. Then two security guards dragged her off.”

Erin added that the girl was “literally wrestling the bodyguards all the way across the pit. I’m also sure she had a whole chuck of blonde hair in her fist – and she was a brunette.”

However, Erin and Amber said they were later approached by two event organisers and told they were to be ejected from the site immediately due to the coverage of the fight incident, claiming it was “clickbait coverage”.

Erin said the event organisers appeared deeply unhappy that PlymouthLive had reported the incident and expressed the view that PlymouthLive had breached their trust.

The reporters say they were also refused entry to the final day of the festival on Saturday.

In a statement, PlymouthLive said: “Here at PlymouthLive we are passionate about bringing informative, well-balanced and factual reporting to the communities we serve in the local area. 

“We were disappointed 1 Big Weekend removed us from the site, and that we were no longer able to report from inside a local event that is of great interest to our readers.”

HTFP has approached 1 Big Summer Festival for a comment but there has been no response.