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Daily launches fight against drug gangs exploiting children

A regional daily has launched a fight against drug gangs who exploit children on its patch.

The Grimsby Telegraph has made a front page demand for so-called ‘County Lines’ gangs to “leave our kids alone” after covering police raids aimed at tackling the issue.

Reporter James Turner covered the raid in Grimsby after being invited by Humberside Police.

A total of 12 arrests were made and five people were charged in connection with drug dealing and the exploitation of children into organised crime as a result of the operation.

Grimsby drugs

Hannah Corken, head of news at the Telegrpah’s Grimsby Live sister website, told HTFP: “Unfortunately, the issue of children in North East Lincolnshire being exploited by County Lines gangs is a big one.

“These gangs recruit children as young as 12 – from postcodes across the scale. According to sources we have spoken to in the past, they hand out horrific punishments to those who don’t fall in line.

“One Grimsby boy who has been at the mercy of these gangs, said that as soon as you get involved, ‘that’s it – that’s your life’.

“While he is out of it now, he still lives in fear – fear of something happening to him, his mum, and his wider family.That’s why this cannot go on – we as a community have to stop this.

“Young children are having their lives snatched away from them and, it’s vital everyone knows it’s going on – quite possibly on their doorstep – and the signs to look out for.”

The Telegraph splashed on its call on Friday.