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Daily bids final farewell to industrial landmark it fought to save

A regional daily has said a final farewell in a special edition to an industrial landmark that it fought to save.

The Northern Echo ran the special yesterday ahead of the demolition of the Redcar blast furnace.

In 2015, the Darlington-based Echo campaigned unsuccessfully to save the steelworks from closure after Thai company SSI announced it was mothballing iron and steelmaking there.

In its special edition, the newspaper examined the industrial past of the region it serves, as well as what the future may bring.

Northern Redcar

Editor Gavin foster told HTFP: “Teesside is a region built on iron and steel where once stood 90 blast furnaces dotted along the River Tees, producing two million tons of iron a year.

“As the North East knows to its cost, such massive industries have long since died out and along with it, so did the hearts of communities built around them.

“Although the furnace light has gone out, the memories at the very soul of these communities still burn bright – as does the emotion and in some cases heartache.

“The demolition of the Redcar blast furnace is much, much more than a building being razed to the ground. ”

Gavin added that the edition was about “reflecting on the region’s industrial past, saluting the generations whose lives were forged in steel and examining whether the region can forge a new future”.

He said: “There are exciting plans to create a green energy hub on Teesside. But the government and those tasked with seeing them through to fruition must make sure they are delivered as the region and its people deserve better. And we will continue to shine a light and challenge to make sure they are.”