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Weekly slams ‘appalling’ litter louts who prompted splash change

A weekly newspaper has hit out at “appalling” litter louts whose behaviour caused it to change its splash.

The Northampton Chronicle & Echo ran a front page comment decrying litterers after the town’s Abington Park was left covered in rubbish following the reintroduction of the ‘rule of six’ by the Government.

In the editorial, the Chronicle & Echo revealed it had planned to run images on its front page of people enjoying the good weather since the rule was brought back.

However, it instead showed a picture of the park left full of litter alongside the headline ‘Show Respect’.

Northampton Respect

The accompanying editorial stated: “We had planned to publish pictures on our front page of people out in our beautiful parks, enjoying the sun, Covid safe, as restrictions lifted.

“Sadly, it is the scene that greeted visitors to our parks the morning after that makes the headlines. It was nothing short of disgraceful.

“Litter strewn across the grass without a care for others. If we have learnt nothing else during this past year, it should be to respect our town and our environment and be more considerate to those who live and work here.

“We all want to enjoy the lifting of restrictions but scenes like this are appalling. Those responsible should be ashamed.”