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Journalist couple convert home into two separate newsrooms

A journalist couple who work for different news outlets have shared their experience of setting up two separate newsrooms in their own house.

Jersey Evening Post deputy editor Richard Heath is currently working from home along with his wife Giulia, who is news editor at island radio station Channel 103.

The couple are combining their work duties with caring for their sons Harry and Francis, as well as the family pet dog.

Richard has opened up on the family’s experience in a piece for the JEP, in which he noted the dog could be heard eating its breakfast during a recent Channel 103 news bulletin.

Jersey Heath

He wrote: “These are strange, strange times. Strange times when the living room is turned into a makeshift radio studio.

“Strange times when the bedroom (with the help of a plug socket, lamp and an old wallpaper table I found in the loft) is turned into the JEP’s St Saviour district office.

“Strange times when video conferences with work colleagues involve fielding questions from a now home-schooled six-year-old and his home-nurseried three-year-old-brother.

“It’s all just strange. Very strange.”

Richard went on to list what he had learned since working from home – including his children’s inquistiveness about snack time and the his dog’s sleeping habits.

He added: “But more than anything, you realise it can be done. ‘It’, being work, of course. Despite the little extra stresses that simultaneously home-working and home-schooling can bring, it has not affected any part of our jobs.

“I can still write news and edit the pages. My wife can still produce and read news bulletins on the radio.

“The two boys have played their part too – the older one by diligently doing his homework and the other by watching CBeebies and playing with his toys.

“And who knows, perhaps this experience may inspire them to follow their mum and dad (and, briefly last Tuesday, their dog) into a career in the media.”

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