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City news site says sorry for reporting swimming pool was ‘dogging hotspot’

A city news website has apologised over a story which claimed a swimming pool on its patch was a “dogging hotspot”.

Edinburgh Live has said sorry after reporting the claim about Dalry Swim Centre, in the Scottish capital.

The title said the swimming pool was named as a “hotspot” for the activity in research by online dating comparison website Datingroo, but accepted there was “no evidence” to back up the claim.

The apology was published yesterday afternoon on Twitter and as part of an amended article which named other locations in Edinburgh as being alleged “hotspots”.

Edinburgh dogging

The published apology in the piece reads: “An initial version of the story also named Dalry Swim Centre, which was referenced in the research.

“We are sorry for suggesting Dalry Swim Centre was a dogging hotspot and would like to apologise.

“The original research sent to Edinburgh Live provided no evidence to back up their claim about the Swim Centre.

“We believe that the Swim Centre takes great care to ensure guest safety and that the Swim Centre provides a deeply valuable service to the local community.”

Edinburgh Live declined to comment further when approached by HTFP.