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University launches magazine aimed at promoting photojournalism

A university has launched a new online magazine aimed at highlighting the work of its photojournalism students.

The University of South Wales has produced the publication called Stories in Pictures, which promotes it BA course in the subject.

It is hoped the magazine will help further education students considering joining the course at to understand what ‘photojournalism’ means.

The Cardiff-based university is also planning to create a print version of the magazine to give out to prospective students.

USW mag

Senior lecturer Becky Matthews told HTFP: “The magazine has only just been launched online, but we are in the process of having copies printed to share with prospective creative industry students. Our students are regularly published and their work is always extremely well received.

“The reason we have produced the magazine is that ‘Photojournalism’ is not a term most A level/BTEC students are aware of or understand. This magazine helps to explain what a photojournalism degree offers and how it is differs from other photography based courses – the biggest difference being that we are not an art-based course, we sit in the school of Journalism and Media.

“By showing what we do, we hope that prospective students have a clearer idea of their options and choose the best course for them.

“We also look to accept students from non-photography backgrounds as long as they can show a clear interest in storytelling, an engagement with the world around them and the dedication to learn the technical aspects of the subject.”