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Ministers to probe legal loophole on deadly knives thanks to regional daily

Ministers will probe a loophole which allows the sale of deadly knives thanks to a regional daily’s campaign.

Crime Minister Victoria Atkins has launched an inquiry after Wolverhampton daily the Express & Star sent her images of dangerous blades purchased legally on its patch.

The Express & Star had previously campaigned successfully to get the sale of so-called zombie knives banned, but the makers of the weapons have been exploiting a legal loop-hole to sell weapons that are almost identical.

The blades, although similar to the banned zombie knives, can be sold because they do not feature images or words which suggest violence.


A petition run by the E&S for a review into legislation on the sale of knives has been signed by almost 6,000 people.

In a letter to West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, Ms Atkins said: “The definition of zombie knives identifies the most common characteristics of these knives and what distinguishes them from other knives and makes them particularly harmful.

“We considered the criteria needed to describe an item as a zombie knife very carefully and if we wanted to remove the third element of the definition, that the weapon includes images or words that suggest it is to be used for the purposes of violence, we would be capturing a much wider range of knives.

“However, I am concerned by the images you have provided and I have asked my officials to consider this issue further.”

Mr Jamieson, who has backed the newspaper’s campaign, said: “I am pleased the Home Office are taking this issue seriously and are looking closely at my proposals. These knives have no practical use. The only purpose they have is to injure and kill.

“They should be banned from sale. I look forward to working closely with the Home Office to get these loopholes closed. I am proud of having led the campaign with the Express and Star to get zombie knives banned.

“I am determined that these loopholes should be cracked down on too. The spirit of the law should be upheld.”