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Celebrity TV vet saves journalist’s cat after hit and run

A weekly newspaper reporter is set for a television appearance thanks to a celebrity vet who saved her pet cat after it was run over by a car.

The tale of Wiltshire Gazette & Herald journalist Joanne Moore and her cat Korky will feature on Channel 4’s Supervet on Wednesday.

Joanne and her family were devastated when Korky, an 18-month-old grey tabby, was run over outside their house in Devizes on a Saturday afternoon before Christmas.

TV vet Noel Fitzpatrick, around whose work Supervet is based, inserted a metal plate in Korky’s pelvis.  He had to have his tail amputated but four months after the accident the cat is back to full health and fitness.

Joanne, holding Korky, with family members and filming crew

Joanne, holding Korky, with family members and filming crew

Of Korky’s ordeal, Joanne said: “I found Korky on the patio just with a fixed stare on his face. I called him but he didn’t move. I went out to him and realised he was in a bad way as he screamed when I picked him up.

“I knew immediately he must have been hit by a car as he couldn’t move his back legs.

“[The vets] said they would sedate him and give him pain relief and see if he could make it through the night. When I got home I was just numb but I suddenly thought if anyone can save him then the Supervet could.”

Korky was referred to Professor Fitzpatrick, who operated the following evening, but there followed several days of worry as he could not be sure Korky’s bladder had recovered from nerve damage until he urinated.

Joanne added: “When one of the nurses rang and said he had had a wee you would have thought I had won the lottery.”

Korky’s tale will be aired at 8pm tomorrow, on Channel 4.