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Daily marks 50 years since triple tragedy with special edition and website

A regional daily marked 50 years since a triple tragedy on its patch with a special print edition and dedicated website set up for the occasion.

The Hull Daily Mail covered half a century since the ‘triple trawler’ tragedies, in which three fishing boats sank within weeks of each other during the winter of 1968.

A total of 58 men lost their lives, and the Mail spoke to the relatives of those who died, as well as the last surviving member of the ‘Headscarf Revolutionaries’ – a group set up in the disasters’ wake to campaign for better protection for those working in the fishing industry.

New pictures of those who perished have also been uncovered to create what Mail digital editor Jenna Thompson described as a “hugely powerful” front page for Friday’s edition.

Hull Triple

Jenna told HTFP: “Today’s digital and print publications are the result of months of hard work to commemorate 50 years since the Triple Trawler Tragedy.

“As a tight-knit fishing community, everyone in Hull knew someone who was affected by the sinkings of the St Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland in January and February 1968. A total of 58 men lost their lives with just one survivor.

“We felt it was important to mark the anniversary of this tragic event and honour those who died with a special publication, both in print and online. As well as leaving so many families devastated, the tragedy also inspired a campaign for change – led by a group of incredible women known as the Headscarf Revolutionaries.

“Our reporter James Campbell and video editor Sophie Kitching have carried out a huge amount of research and interviews to produce this fantastic piece of work, which was beautifully designed for online by Adam Walker.”

The Mail also told the story of the tragedies’ sole survivor, Harry Eddom, although he has not spoken publicly about his experience since relaying his initial account 50 years ago.

Jenna added: “The response from readers has been fantastic, with many grateful that we have shown that those men who lost their lives will never be forgotten.”

A screenshot from the Mail's dedicated website remembering the tragedy

A screenshot from the Mail’s dedicated website remembering the tragedy