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ABCs: Daily scores social media double in latest figures

EADTA regional daily has taken the top plaudits when it comes to increasing Facebook and Twitter followings, according to the latest ABC figures.

The Ipswich-based East Anglian Daily Times topped the charts for growth on social media, taking number one billing on both the Facebook and Twitter league tables.

On Facebook, the EADT had 19,596 ‘likes’ by the end of June 2018, a year-on-year increase of 35pc, while on Twiter its 50,630 ‘followers’ represented a 16pc increase over the same period.

The Facebook top three was completed by its Archant sister dailies the Ipswich Star and Norwich Evening News, which recorded 30pc and 25pc increases respectfully.

The Evening News was also runner-up when it came to Twitter growth, recording a 15pc increase, while the Midland News Association-owned Express & Star, Wolverhampton, came third after recording a 14pc increase.

Groups who submitted social media figures for some of their newsbrands included Archant, Johnston Press the MNA and the former CN Group.  However two of the biggest publishers, Reach plc and Newsquest, did not submit social media figures.

The full list of Facebook page likes, in order of year-on-year percentage change, is as follows:

Newsbrand Facebook ‘likes’ YoY % change
East Anglian Daily Times 19,596 35
Ipswich Star 23,972 30
Norwich Evening News 25,266 25
Shropshire Star 45,511 22
Whitehaven News 11,371 21
News & Star, Carlisle 46,451 20
Workington Times & Star 13,413 15
The Mail, Barrow-in-Furness 26,333 14
Eastern Daily Press 93,797 13
Express & Star, Wolverhampton 125,541 12
Hexham Courant 10,954 12
The Scotsman 202,204 N/A
Edinburgh Evening News 191,896 N/A
Sunderland Echo 153,806 N/A
Yorkshire Evening Post 147,286 N/A
The Star, Sheffield 100,261 N/A
The News, Portsmouth 97,043 N/A
Lancashire Post 96,060 N/A
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 88,007 N/A
Yorkshire Post 68,640 N/A
Belfast News Letter 60,834 N/A
Derbyshire Times 44,771 N/A
Peterborough Telegraph 43,382 N/A
Northants Telegraph 34,866 N/A
Eastbourne Herald 20,994 N/A
Milton Keynes Citizen 12,146 N/A

The full list of Twitter accounts, in order of year-on-year percentage change, is as follows:

Twitter page No of followers YoY % change
East Anglian Daily Times 50,630 16
Norwich Evening News 58,776 15
Express & Star, Wolverhampton 144,405 14
Eastern Daily Press 100,621 14
Shropshire Star 84,144 13
Ipswich Star 19,381 11
Cumberland News 11,598 10
The Mail, Barrow-in-Furness 12,272 8
Workington Times & Star 7,742 8
News & Star, Carlisle 28,235 7
Hecham Courant 8,142 7
Whitehaven News 7,879 6
Yorkshire Evening Post 218,099 N/A
Yorkshire Post 166,395 N/A
The Star, Sheffield 163,556 N/A
Edinburgh Evening News 146,758 N/A
The Scotsman 145,258 N/A
The News, Portsmouth 81,338 N/A
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 79,961 N/A
Lancashire Post 63,943 N/A
Sunderland Echo 49,639 N/A
Belfast News Letter 37,307 N/A
Peterborough Telegraph 22,581 N/A
Derbyshire Times 20,637 N/A
Milton Keynes Citizen 16,486 N/A
Northants Telegraph 14,849 N/A
Eastbourne Herald 12,350 N/A