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Journalism coursemates develop new app for bar queue-jumpers

Two entrepreneurs who met while studying journalism are set to launch an app which they say will allow revellers to jump the queue at their favourite nightspots.

Craig Davies and Stephen Powell, who studied together at the University of Central Lancashire, came up with the idea after being turned away from a bar in Manchester city centre.

Their app, called Viper, will allow people to buy drinks or secure VIP entry into a bar in real-time from their mobile phone with the first edition being launched in Manchester.

After graduating, the duo went on to work for football clubs, with Craig working as a new media journalist for Everton FC and Stephen becoming a communications assistant for Manchester United.

From left: Viper creators Craig Gidley, Stephen Powell and Craig Davies

From left: Viper creators Craig Gidley, Stephen Powell and Craig Davies

The pair, who now work in sales and marketing, teamed up with friend Craig Gidley to develop the app, which is set to go live at the end of the month.

Craig Davies, who is 31, said: “We feel there is nothing coming close to what we are offering and our links to the best bars in Manchester will ensure users have unrivalled access to exclusive upgrades during their night out.

“Whether you need to find the best bars, have drinks ready on arrival, find which bars have VIP booths available or simply need a queue jump, Viper will let you do this from the palm of your hand.

“Although Viper is predominantly an app to allow people to find the best bars, we see it evolving into a very social app.

“There is a section that lets you link with your friends and the initial release will allow users to link with their friends through Facebook and share their nights out with them.”

Viper will be available on IOS and Android and free to download.