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Crime reporter sleeps rough for charity campaign

A regional daily journalist spent a night sleeping on the streets for a charity campaign.

Yorkshire Evening Post crime reporter Georgina Morris took part in the annual rough sleep, which is held annually in Leeds by homelessness charity Simon on the Streets.

Georgina was one of around 100 people to take part in the fundraiser, and she detailed her experience in a feature for the YEP.

Four rough sleepers helped by Simon on the streets have lost their lives in the past 12 months.

Georgina Morris at the rough sleep event

Georgina Morris at the rough sleep event

Wrote Georgina: “I climbed into my sleeping bag at around 11.30pm, struggling to find a comfortable position as I lay on a few flattened cardboard boxes and regretted the decision to leave my pillow and camp mat at home.

“An hour later and I’d barely slept with the noise of talking nearby and the distant shouts and sirens of a city night, but I must have drifted off as a I woke with a start for some reason around 1.40am.

“Forty minutes later and I was awake once more thanks to the general discomfort you’d expect from sleeping with so little between you and the floor.”

She added: “While our sheltered night will never come close to the true experience, it was enough to leave me in no doubt about why the work of charities like Simon on the Streets is so necessary.”