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City daily takes in-depth look at ‘making of monster’


The Manchester Evening News has taken an in-depth look at the background of the Manchester Arena bomber in a three-part investigation published this week.

Under the title ‘The Making of a Monster,’ the series of pieces look into the social political and religious forces that led to Salman Adedi carrying out the terrorist atrocity in which 23 people lost their lives.

As well as focusing on his family background as the child of Libyan refugees, the MEN also focused on what Abedi did in the days and hours leading up to the attack.

The newspaper also published a video on its website in which editor Rob Irvine and journalist Chris Osuh discuss why they are running the articles.


Said Rob: “For some of us reading about Manchester Arena attacker Salman Abedi is an unpalatable experience. He committed appalling crimes against the innocent.

“Those directly affected by the attack have shown incredible dignity, and the city has shown remarkable resilience in the face of evil. The urge to look away from what led to that evil act, to move on as best we can from the atrocity, is strong.

“But in order to understand evil, it’s necessary to look into its face, however difficult that might be.

“No one is compelled to read what we publish here. In publishing it, we aim only to keep a record of what is so far understood about how the events unfolded. Ultimately, it’s only by understanding what led to the atrocity that we can prevent its like from happening again.”