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Newspaper stalwart retires after 50 years at title

A veteran manager on a Welsh newspaper has said farewell to the publication he has worked on for 50 years.

Assistant general manager of  The Brecon & Radnor Express Malcolm Morris, 65, began his career with the paper as a 15-year-old apprentice compositor.

In 1992 helped oversee the paper’s transition from hot metal printing to computerised production.

He worked his way through various management roles including deputy foreman and production manager to general manager, joint general manager and his current role, after switching to part time work over the last year.

Colleagues joined friends and Malcolm’s family, including wife of 41 years Yvonne, adult daughter Fiona and dad Ivor, for a retirement party.

He said: “I have enjoyed the job and the challenge of a deadline every week, the paper has to be finished every Tuesday

“When I started the deadline was the paper had to be out by one o’clock every Wednesday afternoon.

“After putting the paper together we would then deliver it around town and people would be queuing outside the shops waiting for it to be delivered and they would push you over as you took the paper into the shops.”

Sandie Wickens, general manager of the Tindle Newsapers-owned newspaper, said: “No one is going to miss Malcolm more than me, in my 15 years with the Brecon & Radnor Express he has always been here to guide and assist.”

The Brecon-based broadsheet is set to celebrate  its 125th anniversary this October.

Malcolm said: “I am happy leaving the company knowing there are people committed to their job, and they too can get their 50 years in, as there are some with less than 10 years to go.

“I’m totally convinced this paper will go on for another 50 years, so long as the stories people want to read are printed.”