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New editor named for East Coast weekly

A new editor has been appointed to lead an award-winning weekly newspaper in East Anglia.

Andrew Papworth, left, is the new man at the helm of the Lowestoft Journal, the reigning EDF Energy Weekly Newspaper of the Year for the region.

He replaces Max Bennett, who has left the Archant-owned title after four years as editor.

Andrew, who started his role on Monday, was previously community editor for the Eastern Daily Press in South Norfolk and editor of the Diss Mercury and Thetford and Brandon Times.

Other recent job moves in the regional press include:

  • Miles Davis has moved from his role as content editor of the Western Morning News to a new post as broadcast journalist for BBC News Online in the South West. He will be based in Truro, covering Cornwall and the wider South West.
  • Neil Preston, news editor of the Newcastle Chronicle, is leaving the industry to join Durham Police Constabulary as a media and communications manager.
  • Dundee Courier business reporter James Williamson has left the newspaper to move to Australia.  A replacement in the business reporter role at the paper has not yet been confirmed.
  • Candia McCormack has been promoted to the role of deputy editor at Archant-owned magazine Cotswold Life.


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  • October 9, 2014 at 10:47 am

    So the old Archant revolving door swings into action again,one editor out and another (young looking) replacement quickly shipped in.

    The consensus here is split;did the last ed jump after having had enough of the ongoing dramas and chaos inside Archant?,or was he pushed having been made the scapegoat and can carrier for the lowestoft papers incredible sales implosion?
    an ABC drop of 4.8% in February,and a 4.6% drop in August,surprisingly not published anywhere in Archants own papers,funny that aint it?,An almost 10% copy sale losses in less than a year on what are already massively declining sales figures for this one Archant title alone.
    Maybe he should have been more quick to jump on any popular bandwagons passing by and get himself in front of the cameras like his boss is so adept at doing,seems to work well for him.

    Good luck to the new incumbent of the Journal ejector seat,but i wouldnt get too comfortable if i were you

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  • October 9, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Pensman: You really are looking for demons that don’t exist.

    Call me biased, because Max Bennett is one of the best journalists I ever worked with and I’m proud to call him my friend. But no way was he “pushed” as you snidely suspect.

    Andrew Papworth is also a very capable and thoughtful journo and I’m delighted for him. It’s a well deserved promotion.

    While I’m on, can I introduce you to the apostrophe? It should be “Archant’s” and “ain’t” in your third par. A capital letter wouldn’t come amiss either.

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