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Reporter meets Doctor Who at 50th anniversary bash

A weekly reporter and lifelong Doctor Who fan got the chance to meet his hero at the 50th anniversary celebration of the famous show.

Largs and Millport Weekly News journalist Calum Corral flew off in his Tardis all the way from Scotland to the birthday celebrations at the Excel conference centre in London.

And it proved a dream come true for Calum who even got to meet fifth Doctor Peter Davison and current incarnation Matt Smith, 30 years on from being turned away from the 20th anniversary celebrations as a seven-year-old.

Calum joined hundreds of devoted and emotional fans of the BBC sci-fi at the special Day of the Doctor episode.

Calum Corral, right, with current Doctor Who Matt Smith

Said Calum: “Things started with a bang as the special effects team of Doctor Who carried out a spectacular demonstration of exploding Daleks, snow machines, and ferocious flames flying high in the air,”

“What surprised and impressed me was the excellent costumes which fans dressed up in – from K9 to Cybermen, and even Dalek & Tardis dresses.

“It was a real thrill to actually meet Matt Smith – he gave me a special welcome and was pleased to hear we came from ‘Bonnie Scotland’.”

Calum even managed a short interview with original cast members Carole Anne Ford (who played the Doctor’s grand-daughter Susan) and Ian Chesterton (William Russell).

“It was magical to speak to the figures who helped make history happen for this show on the day of its 50th anniversary,” he added.

“Strangely enough, for a celebration of an alien time traveller, the day itself was a triumph for human spirit, as people’s dreams came true, and we were regaled with a wonderful variety of nostalgic memories of wobbly sets and quarries of the past to the special effects spectacular that we have now.”