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Boris issues vote of confidence in London titles

London Mayor Boris Johnson has praised a regional publisher for its “great coverage” of the city.

The top Tory said Archant’s newspapers and magazines played a “huge role” in keeping Londoners in touch with their communities.

Mr Johnson was speaking at a City Hall event designed to mark the relaunch of Archant’s 14 magazine titles under the new brand, The Resident.

He said:  “Archant and its publications play a huge role in getting Londoners in touch with their neighbourhoods, in touch with their communities and thereby building that sense of community. Well done Archant. Thank you for your great coverage of the greatest city on earth.”

Speaking about the relaunch, Archant London managing director Will Hattam said: “The intention was to create a portfolio of products of equal or better quality than their paid-for equivalents on the newsstands.

“We have now created what I believe to be the finest collection of local magazines in the capital, and indeed the country.”

Will Hattam, right, pictured with London Mayor Boris Johnson

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  • May 10, 2013 at 9:47 am

    If your coverage is being praised by a politician you must be doing something wrong.

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