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Hyperlocal website remains unsold after eBay hoax

A hyperlocal website which went on sale on eBay has failed to be sold after the sole bid it received turned out not to be genuine.

Birmingham site has been run for 10 years by founder and owner Jon Bounds, who was looking for someone new to take it on.

He put the site on eBay and hoped to attract £1,000 for it but only received one bid for £500 and when contacting the potential buyer about the sale, Jon received no response.

However, Jon still hopes to sell the site and said he has since been contacted by a few potential buyers because of the publicity around the auction.

He told HTFP: “It didn’t exactly restore my faith in the state of the online world to sustain itself, when even the simplest sales are filled with hoaxers.

“That said I’ve had a couple of potential buyers contact me since probably due to the publicity the auction generated.”

Jon wanted to sell the site because he was struggling to find the time to keep it updated.

The site describes itself as ‘mildly satirical’ and is dedicated to showing the positive side of the sometimes-maligned second city.

Its range of favourite topics include Birmingham’s people, arts, animals, buildings, parks, grass verges, factories and bus stops, while it also runs a Brummie of the Year Award and an annual Talk Like a Brummie Day.