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Brighter new look for HoldtheFrontPage

HoldtheFrontPage has today unveiled a series of design tweaks to its homepage including greater prominence for jobs and a new ‘media funnies’ channel.

The site’s new WordPress platform has now been live for six months and although user feedback has been generally positive, we felt there was still room for improvement.

For instance, some users had commented that they found the Lucida main text font rather blurry.  We agreed and have now changed it back to the much sharper Arial font we used on the old site.

A significant number of users also complained that there was "too much maroon" on the homepage.  We agreed and have now gone for a cleaner look with more white space and fewer big blocks of colour.

To help the homepage jobs section stand out more, we’ve changed the font colour on these and given them a new background.

We’ve also added a search box so that users will be be able to find all the jobs in the category they are looking for with a single click.

Other homepage changes see the introduction of a new ‘Latest Funnies’ channel in the right-hand column which will feature all the best media gaffes.

Our Friday Funnies collections can still be viewed on the Funnies page but from now on we will be publishing them individually as and when we find them!

The ‘Editor’s Choice’ round up of journalism news from other media outlets can now be found in the left-hand column, above a revamped ‘Latest News by Category.’

And Steve Dyson’s blog can now been found on the main site insetad of here at HTFP Connect.

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