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Weekly's Obama scoop makes headlines worldwide

A regional Sunday newspaper’s scoop about a teenager banned from America after insulting President Obama has made headlines across the world.

Luke Angel came to the attentions of the FBI after sending Mr Obama an abusive email in which he called him a “pr**k.”

UK police were alerted after the message was intercepted and the 17-year-old has now been told he is banned for life from entering the US.

The story, which made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic yesterday, was first uncovered by Bedfordshire on Sunday reporter Keeley Knowles.

Acting on a tip-off she managed to track down a name, have the story confirmed by police and then speak to Mr Angel at his home about what had happened.

Said Keeley: “After a bit of digging, I found out who he was and where he lived and went round to talk to him about it.

“He was very open and quite laid back about the whole thing really. I don’t think he probably realised how big the story was going to be.”

As well as being reported in UK national papers yesterday, the story also made the New York Daily News, Fox News, USA Today and even the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia.


ajinexile (15/09/2010 10:46:54)
What ever became of the American Constitution’s First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech. The president is call a lot worse by his fellow countrymen — just read the comments on pieces run in the American on-line media. Are the Feds on to them? Are they banned from travelling inter-state. Mr Obama should be used to being barracked by now.