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Steve Brown bounces back as new JP boss in Leeds

Former Trinity Mirror regional MD Steve Brown was today named as the new boss of Johnston Press’s operations in the North of England.

Steve, pictured, left his role as head of Trinity’s Midlands and Northern divisions last year and a subsequent appointment as chief executive of the Claverley Group proved short-lived.

Now he is returning to newspapers once again as the new divisional managing director in JP’s Northern division, in succession to Chris Green who left the company abruptly last month.

He will take up his new role on Thursday and will report direct to chief operating officer Danny Cammiade.

Mr Cammiade said: “We are delighted to welcome Steve to the divisional management team. He has some valuable experience which we know he will apply to his region and will benefit the entire Group.”

While at Trinity, Mr Brown was so highly-regarded by his former employees that his departure provoked a vote of no confidence in the company’s management by union members.

His appointment as chief executive of Claverley, owners of the Express and Star, was at the time seen as a major coup by the family-owned company.

However he left the role in March after just three months after what is thought to have been a clash of management styles.

In another senior appointment, Scotsman Publications general manager Henry Faure Walker becomes digital and business development director with immediate effect.

Henry, who originally joined JP in 2002 as group business development manager, will report directly to chief executive John Fry.

Part of his new role will include the digital strategy brief vacated by Lori Cunningham, who left the company in May.

Mr Fry said: “We are very pleased that Henry will be heading up our Digital and Business Development areas. He has made a strong contribution to Johnston over the last eight years and the experience he will bring to the new role will be invaluable.”


Creosote Arthur (06/09/2010 10:44:54)
A union sorry to see an MD go must be previously unheard of!
It’s a very good sign and I’m hoping for great things from him.
Word of warning though Steve, you’ll meet some incredible moaners at JP (you can tell them a mile off – they’re the ones who can’t do their jobs).
Speaking of which, who’ll be the first to start the chorus of bleating about this news?

outofit (06/09/2010 11:21:57)
On first name terms already eh Arthur? Bet you go far!

Col Kurtz (06/09/2010 11:48:53)
Creosote Arthur is the man

JP Survivor (06/09/2010 12:09:58)
Did you remember to bring the apple for his desk Arthur?

Iain Dowie (06/09/2010 15:14:38)
Steve Brown has great bouncebackability

Fencehopper (06/09/2010 17:09:44)
As one who has worked under Steve before can say he’s a decent guy who will at least back his journalists where possible. Yes, he’ll do unpopular things (kinda goes with the territory!), but having worked under a few senior execs, it could be a LOT worse for JP employees right about now.

JP worker (06/09/2010 17:36:07)
Everything I’ve read on HTFP about Mr Brown leads me to think he’ll be welcomed with open arms in Leeds.Don’t know who Creosote Arthur is, but he seems to have little knowledge of editorial staff in Leeds. If Steve shares our aim to produce good quality newspapers then that’s all we ask. We’ve already had a lot of job losses in the last couple of years. Will Steve be the man to stand up and explain to JP that cutting more is going to damage two fine newspapers?

Creosote Arthur (07/09/2010 08:09:51)
JP Worker: I wasn’t talking specifically about staff in Leeds – the ‘North’ doesn’t start and end with the YP, whatever you might think. I’m thinking about people like outofit, JP Survivor etc, who proved my point immediately (as I knew they would).

Eggy Daddy (07/09/2010 08:50:18)
Leeds!? They’re still using Quark aren’t they? That’s sooooooooooo 1997.

outofit (07/09/2010 09:45:22)
Glad not to disappoint you, Arthur.

The Red Postman (08/09/2010 09:01:03)
As a former joint-FoC who worked with Steve during his TM days, I can only agree with all the good things said here. He goes out of his way to know his staff, was reasonable to deal with during a very trying period for the business and earned a great deal of kudos from all the hacks for the manner of his going, which was clearly linked with his refusal to do Sly’s bidding and slash more costs out of the business.

Observer, former insider (09/09/2010 19:34:28)
Wot The Red Postman said. T-M got Steve to do their dirty work and he’d had enough of them. Shame about the E&S business but that’s insular businesses for you. Not sure what he’ll make of JP though.