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Regional daily endorses Labour leadership candidate

A regional daily has today taken the unusual step of endorsing one of the candidates in the Labour leadership election.

The Northern Echo has thrown its weight behind David Miliband in the race to succeed Gordon Brown

The Shadow Foreign Secretary and South Shields MP is competing against his younger brother Ed in a five-cornered contest which also includes Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott.

Echo editor Peter Barron revealed the endorsement in a blog post yesterday.

“After so long in power, a hugely disappointing arrogance and complacency had crept into Tony Blair’s Government which voters didn’t like,” he wrote.

“What is important now is to recognise that failing, and look to the future under a new leader.

“Tomorrow’s Northern Echo will endorse David Miliband as the candidate best equipped to take the Labour Party forward. He has the experience that others lack and is less wedded to old labour values than his leadership rivals.

“If the Labour leader was chosen on the basis of the person the other parties would fear most, David Miliband would be a clear winner.”


Neil Hodge (02/09/2010 15:46:51)
Aren’t newspapers supposed to serve readers rather than politicians?

Chris Youett (02/09/2010 17:26:13)
It is about time the UK media grew up: it is NOT their job to tell people how to vote. Instead the Northern Echo would have served its readers better by giving equal space to all five candidates so that their readers can made their own minds up who they want as Labour Leader

Web Man (03/09/2010 09:22:03)
It is very arrogant of the Northern Echo to preach to people about plitics – but even more arrogant to expect people will care what the newspaper says.