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Daily reporter carries out vox pop in pyjamas

A regional daily reporter took to the streets in her pyjamas to test opinion among shoppers after Tesco’s banned the garment from a local store.

Controversy erupted last week after the supermarket chain banned customers from wearing pyjamas at their store in St Mellons, near Cardiff.

So South Wales Argus reporter Natalie Crockett, pictured left, donned her PJs and took to the streets of Newport to test shoppers’ opinion on the ban.

But far from causing widespread offence, most shoppers applauded her bravery and one even gave her a high five for her efforts.

Wrote Natalie: “When my news editor suggested I go out in public in something I would normally confine to my bedroom, I was a little daunted by the task.

“But I soon found it gave me a strange sense of liberation and it was certainly a talking point as I caught the eye of dozens of stunned shoppers.

“Yes, I encountered a few awkward stares from shop assistants but I wasn’t asked to leave any shops and only one person didn’t approve.

“And although I’m not planning to start wearing my nightwear as day wear any time soon, I have to say I secretly enjoyed all the attention.”

The Tesco store in nearby St Mellons now has signs near the entrance saying that “no nightwear is permitted.”

A spokesman for Tesco said company did not have a strict dress code, but said it does request that customers do not shop in their PJs or nightgowns in response to concerns raised by other customers.

  • Read Natalie’s piece in full here.


    Jennifer (08/02/2010 11:42:44)
    I think it helps that Natalie is young and pretty; she might have got a different reaction if she’d been middle-aged and 20 stone. Her story was a good read.

    amused (08/02/2010 12:08:18)
    I thought this story was going to be some sort of comment on Newsquest’s newish policy of officeless working!

    mike glover (08/02/2010 13:51:40)
    A great idea Natalie, but why am I getting sceptical about Tesco’s new tactic to get free publicity: No pyjamas, no bare feet, id checks for buying quiche. This smacks of RyanAir’s £1 to use the loo, extra charge for fat or disabled passengers. Free plugs masquarading as negative news stories. Maybe I’ve been in this game too long!