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Caption blunder weekly ceases publication

A weekly newspaper responsible for an infamous editorial blunder earlier this year has gone to press for the last time.

Two months ago, HTFP reported that hundreds of copies of the Ludlow Journal had to be recalled after the name of a bellringer called Tony Fuller appeared in the paper as Tiny Fukker.

The decision to close the the free title is not thought to be linked to the error, which is understood to have been the result of a typing mistake.

Instead it is being folded into a sister title, the South Shropshire Journal, which operates from the same office in Broad Street, Ludlow but circulates across a wider area.

The closure was announced in a story posted on the South Shropshire Journal website last Friday.

It read: “From next week the South Shropshire Journal will also be taking over the role of its sister newspaper, the Ludlow Journal.

“This week’s edition of the Ludlow Journal is the last, as it is ceasing publication as part of a major restructuring plan to boost both the South Shropshire Journal and sister evening paper, the Shropshire Star.

“The South Shropshire Journal will continue to bring you the unrivalled coverage you have come to expect, with all the news, views and photographs from the towns and villages in the area, providing an even better showcase for our loyal advertisers.”

Managers at the Shropshire Star declined requests to comment on the changes, but the move is not thought to have resulted in any job losses.

Both of the Journal’s editorial staff, editor John Griffiths and chief reporter Jean Kingdon, already occupy the same roles on the South Shropshire Journal.

The Ludlow Journal had a circulation of 9,297 according to the latest ABC figures, up 1.2pc from the same period in 2009.

The South Shropshire title is currently delivered to 8,220 homes but can now be expected to absorb most of its sister title’s circulation.


Subbed Out (07/07/2010 10:04:35)
The paper that died of shame…

DAVE (07/07/2010 10:05:55)
Shameful headline, HTFP. It might have been newsworthy at the time but whether or not what happened is linked to its closure, you’ve certainly sown the seed of an idea.

ajinexile (07/07/2010 11:57:45)
Rumout has it that Mr F phoned the paper to complain bitterly. His complaint was that he should have been described as a ‘skilled campanologist’ rather than just a ‘bellringer’

AJB (07/07/2010 14:14:44)
Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

Carl (07/07/2010 15:01:25)
“I say, ding dong…”

Chris (16/07/2010 14:50:35)
It’s a sad loss. The Ludlow Journal was a useful local paper, and from MNA rather than one of the big boys. However, the South Shropshire Journal isn’t currently delivered to 8,220 homes – circulation is about 3,524 and many of these are bought over the counter, not home-delivered.
8,220 is the combined total of the Sth Shrops Journal and its sister Mid Wales Journal.