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Two free papers go part paid-for

Two free papers will be adopting the part paid-for, part-free business model from this weekend.

Kent on Saturday and Kent on Sunday, crowned newspaper of the year in 2007, have been left at newsagents and supermarkets across the south-east county for free pick-up.

But in a move the company says is designed to meet high demand, KOS Media will be distributing copies free to homes and selling the papers at shops and supermarkets for 90p.

This latest development comes just weeks after the Kentish Saturday Observer was replaced and relaunched as Kent on Saturday and two new titles were added to the company’s ‘Your’ series of freesheets.

KOS Media MD Paul Stannard said in a launch message: “We have never been able to satisfy the thirst for hard copies of both papers. That’s why we launched our e-editions.

“Now we’re printing more paid-for editions so we can truly satisfy the demand from the public.

“All these improvements make the bigger and better Kent on Sunday – and Kent on Saturday – more available and accessible than ever before.”


Carole (27/05/2009 13:49:34)
I am sorry – I genuinely do not understand this!
The free papers were left at distribution points.
The paid-for editions will be hand-delivered to residences (free) and sold in newsagents’ shops?
Is the online version free?

Mr Mobile (28/05/2009 09:56:40)
Sounds to me like you understand it perfectly Carole. Well done!!

lindsey (28/05/2009 13:10:19)
I think the idea is rediculous whenever I go to a supermarket there is always loads of Kent on Sundays and Saturdays still sat there. I dont see how that can be high demand. I dont see how making it a paid for will help that situation at all. In my oppinion it is not being very enviornmentally friendly wasting all that paper.

Jimbob (28/05/2009 19:12:51)
Things that are free are often in high demand, funny that. This is clearly just a bid to make more money, but I fear it will not pay off.

Beano Bob (03/06/2009 15:24:35)
Could this possibly have anything to do with Northcliffe’s Canterbury Adscene, Faversham Times, Herne Bay and Whitstable Times titles becoming free paper distributed house to house about a month ago.
Methinks Notrhcliffe have done something unspeakable on KOS Media’s chips.
I agree Lindsey, whenever I venture in Sainbury’s there are always piles of Kent on Sunday left. Demand? What demand?

George Hamilton (23/06/2009 15:04:54)
The previous comments are all sport on of course. Whenever I venture into a shop on Sunday there are always piles of papers hanging around. It’s the same now, although that’s because no-one is buying it.
Why? I suspect because it is as dull as ditchwater.