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Seventeen more jobs to go at Merseyside titles

Staff at Trinity Mirror titles on Merseyside are facing fresh uncertainty with the announcement today of a further 17 possible redundancies.

Nearly a year ago, the company announced a major restructure which eventually saw the loss of 43 out of 175 editorial posts at its main Liverpool centre.

Today, Trinity’s North West and Wales division has announced that it is making further changes to its editorial operations on Merseyside.

A company statement said there will be a reduction of approximately 17 job roles in the editorial department with as many of these redundancies as possible to be identified by voluntary means.

Although the company has not spelled out the nature of the changes in detail, it is understood that most of the job losses will be at the Liverpool Daily Post and will span a number of editorial functions.

However a company spokesman has confirmed that the plans do not include turning the Post into a weekly title, following last month’s decision by Trinity to take the Birmingham Post weekly from next week.

Staff were today informed of the decision and those affected have now entered a period of consultation.

Sara Wilde, regional managing director for the North West and Wales division, said: “It is vital that we continue to make and take these difficult decisions and I believe these changes will ensure we have a viable, robust and thriving business which continues to provide jobs and media services to the communities we serve.”


Steve McQueen (04/11/2009 13:11:00)
This is becoming an annual Christmas present from Trinity Mirror. Take the money and retrain you won’t regret it.

hacker (04/11/2009 13:30:44)
Chip, chip, chip. “Viable, robust and thriving?” Don’t make me laugh. Chip, chip, chip….

FAST WOMAN (04/11/2009 14:45:45)
Hang on….wasn’t the last ‘revolutionary’ round of editorial cuts going to transform the business?
Someone’s not doing their job properly.

Mr_Osato (04/11/2009 14:50:24)
Well they won’t need so many reporters when PA starts its ‘local reporting’ trial, will they? And Sly Bailey needs to keep her pay in seven figures, doesn’t she?

Mrs_Osato (04/11/2009 16:25:55)
You forget to take your pills again, didn’t you dear? You’re confusing two different things again and making yourself sound like a muddle. PA have already made it clear they wouldn’t be replacing current reporting

JP Grueller (04/11/2009 17:00:11)
“..thriving business which continues to provide jobs…” um by getting rid of people!
Why do people connected with journalism churn out spin-laden press statements which journos are trained to cut through every day?
Could it be that these people know nothing about journalism?

Mr_Osato (04/11/2009 20:11:27)
Mrs_Osato – get back in the kitchen. PA might be saying it won’t ‘replace existing reporting’ but what you forget (women, know your limits!) is that newspaper publishers couldn’t care less what goes in their newspapers. If they think they can get their hands on a swag-bag full of free copy, they’ll get the pound signs appearing in their eyes in the manner of a slot machine and happily bin a few hacks to cover their own backs and please the shareholders. And if PA gets public funding (!) to subsisdise the vastly profitable regional newspaper monopolies buy taking this scheme nationwide, such cuts will be repeated across the country. In fact, forget the kitchen luv, you might need to support us both (and a fair few more) by working the street tonight… good luck. [all misogyny added for ‘comic’ effect]