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Newspaper offers readers chance to quiz Brown

Readers of a Northcliffe daily have the chance to pose a question directly to the Prime Minister.

The Leicester Mercury is giving ten people the opportunity to meet Gordon Brown face-to-face and discuss the issues affecting them.

The county of Leicestershire contains a number of key marginal seats which are expected to be the focus of general election campaigning in the coming months.

The Q&A session will take place later this month and, although readers from other Northcliffe newspapers in Derby, Lincoln and Nottingham will also be able to pose questions, Mercury reporter Jenny Ousbey has negotiated an exclusive opportunity to interview the PM as well as a photo with two of its readers.

In an open letter published in the Mercury, Mr Brown wrote: “I’m delighted to have this opportunity to answer your questions and to find out direct from you the issues and concerns that matter most.

“I want to know what concerns you. What are your hopes and fears and where do you think, as a government, we could be doing better?”

Added Jenny: “The idea has been in the pipeline since we set the ball rolling four months ago with the Prime Minister’s office.

“Back in 2006, we did something similar when we took a couple of readers to meet Tony Blair and posed questions about crime and anti-social behaviour.

“And I am delighted that the PM finally agreed to pen an open letter for publication in the Mercury.”


Onlooker (19/11/2009 10:48:28)
I hope one of them will ask Brown why, as an unelected, unloved Prime Minister, he considers himself the right person to hand much of our sovreignty to Brussels while cheating the British people out of any say in the matter. If he fails to answer that, perhaps the next question should be how he thinks he’s going to get out of the room without a democratic poke from a well-aimed finger in his good eye and a kick in the Grampians.