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New sports journalism course launched

The next generation of Martin Samuels and John Motsons can now sign up for a new sports journalism course.

The National Council for the Training of Journalists this week launched its distance learning course to be studied either alongside or after a regular, accredited journalism course.

It teaches students how to cover sports stories and follows the NCTJ-accredited sports journalism syllabus giving learners a tried and tested route.

The course is intended for those students unable to attend a centre-based course but may also be of interest to trainees or reporters looking to specialise in sports reporting.

Study leads to a two-part sports journalism exam which will be held twice a year.

Dave King, Swindon Advertiser editor and sports journalism chief examiner, said: “This thorough and professional course is a great opportunity for young journalists to get a first foot on the ladder of sports journalism.

“Its wide and varied curriculum will challenge students and equip them with the skills they will need to achieve success in the high-octane world of sports journalism.”

The course covers:

Introduction to sports reporting
The sports news cycle: sports reporting in general
Press conferences and interviewing
Sports knowledge, sports public affairs and sports politics
Sports features
Subbing sports stories

  • More details and course fees are available on the NCTJ website.
  • Comments

    Chris Gaynor (03/03/2009 09:30:34)
    Another money spinning course from the NCTJ?

    JJ (03/03/2009 09:38:50)
    Money, money, money…

    KJ (03/03/2009 10:00:52)
    It won’t make a great deal of difference, though, will it? They’ll still come fresh out of Uni and hack out the old ‘game of two halves’ baloney. It’s enough to make steam come out of a sub’s ears…