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New series editor for Iliffe weeklies

A former national newspaper night sports editor has this week taken on his first editorship of a local weekly series.

Chris Gill, left, has stepped up from being deputy editor of Iliffe’s Bedfordshire on Sunday to be series editor of the group’s Luton and Dunstable Express, Biggleswade Advertiser and Northampton Herald and Post along with BoS.

He replaces Steve Lowe, BoS editor since 2000, who is now group editor-in-chief of Iliffe News and Media Central which incorporates titles in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Before joining BoS last October as deputy editor, Chris was sports editor of Iliffe’s Cambridge News for seven years and previously worked for the Daily and Sunday Express for 16 years in a variety of roles.

Chris, 54, said: “Steve is a massive act to follow and I am privileged to trace his and other award winning editors’ footsteps.

“During my 21 years in Bedford the BoS has always been regarded as the people’s paper and I intend to uphold that tradition – including Steve’s column.”

Steve, right, said: “Being editor of one of the best weekly newspapers in the country has been a fantastic job and, with the responsibility, has been enormous fun.

“Chris will carry BoS and the other titles forward and provide great newspapers and websites in these challenging times. He will do a great job and I wish him every success.

“I am sure he will let me edit when he is away and continue to use my weekly column, providing it is up to standard.”

  • It has been an interesting start for Chris’ first week in charge after the BoS website accidentally carried a live story saying Bedford’s mayor Frank Branston had died after suffering heart problems. Mr Branston, also a former owner of BoS and four other neighbouring papers, underwent a four-hour operation on Thursday night and is recovering in a Cambridge hospital.

    Chris told HTFP the error happened due to technical problems with the computers making a pre-written story, prepared if the worst should happen, live when it wasn’t supposed to. The story was live for about 25 minutes on Monday night, enough time for a local BBC radio station to spot it, and the paper has apologised to Mr Branston’s family.

  • Comments

    frank b (05/08/2009 07:17:51)
    I don’t know what’s more concerning, the idea that stories can go live by “accident” or the fact a ghoulish story about your former chairman being dead while he was only in hospital was actually written.
    I smell a spoonful of spin on this one.

    richard meredith (05/08/2009 14:32:05)
    Loved the gaff about Frank Branston’s early demise (shades of Mark Twain eh?) ‘tho Frank will remember well enough another bleepo in his BoS some years back from a voluptuous ad rep who invited customers to whip round and see her when placing their next insertion.
    Anyway, welcome to BoS Chris Gill and best o luck!
    – Richard Meredith (a founding director of the Northants Post, now one of Iliffe’s I see, and also one-time Daily Express)

    Former BoS hack (11/08/2009 16:04:27)
    I agree Frank B. Another thing that is certain to anger our great former chairman is the new editor calling it ‘the BoS’! It was always just BoS – that used to be a sackable offence when Frank was in charge!