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Jade Goody tributes flood memorials site

Online tributes to Jade Goody have flooded a regional press-based memorials website in the biggest outpouring of grief yet seen by its staff.

More than 340 sympathy messages have been left at Lasting Tribute in memory of the reality TV star who yesterday succumbed to cancer.

Many celebrate her life and others offer moral support to her children and family.

Her tribute page has been viewed more than 36,000 times so far. The most messages up until now had been left to children’s TV presenter Mark Speight who attracted some 330 messages in three weeks.

Lasting Tribute managing director Elaine Pritchard said: “This is the biggest response in one day since the launch of the site in May 2007.

“Having watched the messages being posted since about 7.30am yesterday it has been quite a moving experience, particularly as many people have said that she has been such an inspiration to them.”

One early contributor yesterday, Tim Denver, wrote: “Used to see her around Loughton and Chigwell a lot as I’m a bus driver, said hello once and she was such a nice person, and she remembered me every time she saw me i got a wave , a proper down to earth woman i hope u rest in peace Jade”

Another, Susan Wrightson, added: “A true inspiration to girls, women and mothers everywhere. She knew what was important and her sons will be cared for by a nation. Well done Jade, time to sleep and then you can watch over and look after your loved ones as you wished.”

As well as being a national memorials site, Lasting Tribute is also the bereavements platform for newspapers in the Northcliffe Media group.

All death notices placed in the 113 Northcliffe titles appear there and users have the opportunity to add their own messages of condolence, pictures and video clips.


Web Man (24/03/2009 07:42:45)
“her sons will be cared for by a nation”
For goodness sake, what is the matter with some people?! You’d think the Queen had keeled over and died. This outpouring of fake grief for a minor celeb who people never knew or even met is really irritating.

JP Sub (24/03/2009 09:37:41)
I don’t wish cancer on anyone and it’s very sad a young mother has lost her life in this way, but she was an odious sole who everybody largely hated before she became ill and all the grief tourists got going.
The tabloids who once hated her suddenly changed their tune, all in the name of sales of course, and even respected news organisations like Sky News gave it blanket coverage on their website.
I just found the way the whole thing was handled by press and public very nauseating, though if it means more people get screened for cancer I guess we’ll take that as a plus.

V Taylor (25/03/2009 13:36:55)
Well if we ever needed proof that Gordon Brown actually goes around looking for bandwagons to jump on … he “led tributes” to Jade Goody???? Ohh for goodness sake. Not in MY name Mr Brown. My memories of Jade Goody are that she was a racist bullying fish-wife – the images of her screaming at her neighbour a couple of weeks ago just reinforced that opinion. I’m expecting the funeral to be the ultimate in “chavness”.