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Former sports editor's fly on the wall magazine

A ‘fly on the wall’ look at football today is being promised in a new magazine edited by a former local press sports chief.

Richard Lenton, who spent five years as sports editor of the Sussex Express, is hoping the new ‘Football Punk’ magazine will offer fans something different from the usual repetitive quotes from players.

The mag is sister title to Golf Punk which are both part-owned by former Liverpool and Ireland footballer Phil Babb.

Richard, 34, told his former paper: “It’s an incredibly exciting time. People are saying you must be mad to launch a magazine in the current economic climate. But you’ve got to be brave and have belief in your product.

“There’s certainly no lack of confidence here. Having Phil on board is obviously a fantastic asset.

“Funnily enough, he wanted to be a journalist before he embarked on a football career, and he’s really getting stuck in.

“He interviewed Steven Gerrard for the first issue, and coming from his background he’s able to get a different perspective on things.

“It’s real fly on the wall stuff from one professional to another. Phil can ask questions that I, as an average Joe journo, couldn’t. Well, I could, but they probably wouldn’t answer.”

Football Punk initially went through a trial launch last August when it went into shops as a free supplement with copies of Golf Punk.

It is now being sold as a stand alone title through branches of WH Smiths.


Onlooker (11/05/2009 12:00:03)
‘Punk’ is an American word, originally meaning the submissive sexual ‘partner’ of a prison convict. Not sure it’s great in a magazine title.

Joe Bloggs (13/05/2009 08:06:40)
Punk – A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group. Onlooker, kindly keep your prison experiences to yourself!

Onlooker (13/05/2009 11:07:37)
‘Punk : Derogatory term meaning homosexual or weak individual’ (ref: Prison Slang). Joe Public, don’t take it personally.

TIddlywinks Punk (13/05/2009 19:58:18)
stop stealing my idea…punks!