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Facebook campaign launched against office move

An online campaign group has been set up on Facebook opposing Newsquest’s plans to shift Bury Times staff to Bolton.

The proposal is part of a wider shake-up by Newsquest North West, involving the closure of 11 titles and several possible redundancies.

If given the green light, editorial staff would produce the Times from Bolton as well as contribute to The Bolton News and Prestwich and Whitefield Guide.

Local councillors are also expected to hold a full debate about the plans while a Facebook group called ‘Keep the Bury Times in Bury!’ has over 500 members.

The move echoes a similar, yet ultimately unsuccessful, Facebook campaign to keep the Exmouth Journal in Exmouth.

Group creator Simon Gracey addressed a comment on the Facebook page directly to Bury Times news editor Steve Orrell.

It said: “Just thought I’d let you know about the group that’s been created in response to the redundancies of your best reporters, lack of stories and mass of adverts in the paper, plus the horrifying news that your transferring to Bolton!!

“This is the Bury Times, heart of our community and everyone is disgusted with the current situation and plans for its ‘future’.

“I set the group up on Christmas Eve and there are already 79 members – that’s nearly 40 a day joining – by the middle of next week we’ll have beaten your weekly distribution figures!

“There are a LOT of people out there who oppose this ridiculous situation. From New York to Malaysia to Australia to Tottington!”

A special e-mail address – [email protected] – has also been set up for campaigners and opponents of the plan.

Mr Orrell has so far not replied to Mr Gracey’s message and no-one from Newsquest North-West has so far responded to requests for a comment.


Jambo (08/01/2009 09:08:37)
I am heartened and surprised about how often I read campaigns to save local newspapers from cuts, moves.
I am sure I’ve read of at least 3 last month.
This could display how much local newspapers are valued in communities. Not everyone is logging on to read bloggers…they want their local rag.

Christine Peacock (09/01/2009 08:42:42)
Bury without the Bury Times at its heart is unthinkable. There’s no way local news can be covered successfully from such a distance. I trained at the Bury Times in the late 60s. I understand the need to keep a tight hold on expenditure but this is a step too far.

John Boot (14/01/2009 00:04:24)
Nice sentiments, but it’s a done deal. The to***rs in Newsquest regional management have been dreaming this up for two years. Flog the Bury building, which they own, pocket the cash (but don’t, whatever you do, invest it in newspapers) and then by the time the rent is due for review in Bolton (c2011) shift what’s left of the operation to Blackburn or Warrington. And no, Newsquest won’t respond, because they barely talk to their own employees. The Yanks don’t want it any more, but neither does anyone else with this bunch of ****heads in charge.

Terry Tibbs (20/01/2009 09:42:26)
Not sure why Mr Gracey is sending a message to the news editor. It’s hardly his fault and if he backs the campaign he’ll probably get the boot.