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ABC Figures: How the dailies fared

How did your paper perform in the latest ABC figures published today? Here’s the full list of UK regional dailies.

The figure is the average daily circulation for the six-month period January to June 2009, and its decrease as a percentage on the same period last year.


Dorset Echo 18,505, -1.1pc

Echo (Southend, Basildon, Castle Point) 33,854, -2.4pc

Northants Evening Telegraph (Kettering) 21,609, -2.8pc

Herald Express (Torquay) 23,193, -3.3pc

Northampton Chronicle and Echo 18,955, -4.4pc

Halifax Evening Courier 18,798, -4.5pc

Eastern Daily Press (Norwich) 60,579, -4.6pc

Swindon Advertiser 20,660, -5.4pc

Birmingham Post 12,076, -5.6pc

Cambridge News 24,970, -5.6pc

Shields Gazette 17,110, -5.7pc

Shropshire Star 66,442, -5.9pc

Yorkshire Post 44,690, -6.4pc

The Press (York) 30,722, -6.5pc

Express and Star (Wolverhampton/West Midlands) 128,836, -6.7pc

Oxford Mail 22,830, -6.8pc

Western Morning News (Plymouth/Devon) 36,869, -6.8pc

The Sentinel (Stoke-on-Trent) 56,609, -6.9pc

The Herald (Plymouth), 33,622, -7.2pc

Express and Echo (Exeter), 19,132, -7.2pc

Sunderland Echo 38,199, -7.2pc

The Northern Echo (Darlington) 46,729, -7.3pc

Gazette (Colchester), 19,656, -7.3pc

Southern Daily Echo (Southampton) 36,092, -7.4pc

Grimsby Telegraph 31,194, -7.4pc

The Journal (Newcastle) 31,817, -7.4pc

East Anglian Daily Times 31,485, -7.5pc

Daily Echo (Bournemouth) 29,687, -7.5pc

Lancashire Telegraph (Blackburn/Burnley) 27,481, -7.6pc

Lancashire Evening Post 27,429, -7.7pc

Hartlepool Mail 16,362, -7.9pc

Reading Evening Post 12,446, -8.1pc (switched to twice weekly in May)

The Gazette (Blackpool) 26,019, -8.2pc

Evening Telegraph (Peterborough) 16,523, -8.5pc

The Argus (Brighton) 29,006, -8.5pc

Lincolnshire Echo 19,720, -8.6pc

News and Star (Carlisle) 20,624, -8.8pc

North West Evening Mail (Barrow), 16,747, -8.9pc

Burton Mail 13,221, -8.9pc

Worcester News 15,975, -9.1pc

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 22,601, -9.1pc

Scunthorpe Telegraph 18,304, -9.1pc

The News (Portsmouth) 48,191, -9.3pc

Derby Telegraph, 37,896, -9.3pc

Wigan Evening Post 7,737, -9.5pc

Evening Gazette (Teesside), 45,641, -9.5pc

The Bolton News 26,064, -9.6pc

Hull Daily Mail 50,826, -9.7pc

Scarborough Evening News 12,062, -9.9pc

The Star (Sheffield) and Green ‘Un 45,233, -10pc

Leicester Mercury 62,161, -10pc

Liverpool Echo 92,093, -10.1pc

Telegraph and Argus (Bradford) 31,963, -10.2pc

Oldham Evening Chronicle 18,062, -10.4pc

Norwich Evening News 19,903, -10.5pc

Western Daily Press 36,085, -10.8pc

Bristol Evening Post 43,997, -10.9pc

Evening Chronicle (Newcastle) 63,872, -11.1pc

Coventry Telegraph 41,152, -11.1pc

The Citizen (Gloucester) 22,593, -12pc

Doncaster Star 3,263, -12.1pc

Gloucestershire Echo 18,097, -12.2pc

Evening Star (Ipswich) 16,882, -12.6pc

Nottingham Evening Post 47,958, -13.6pc

Yorkshire Evening Post 46,013, -13.6pc

Birmingham Mail 56,495, -14.6pc

Liverpool Daily Post 11,648, -18.4pc

  • The London Evening Standard is now being audited as regional and not a national newspaper, therefore comparative figures are not available this time. Its average daily circulation is 236,075, with just over 60pc being paid for.

  • Wales

    Daily Post (North Wales) 33,938, -5.3pc

    South Wales Argus (Newport) 26,667, -5.6pc

    Evening Leader (Wrexham) 19,437, -8.1pc

    South Wales Evening Post (Swansea) 46,069, -10.1pc

    Western Mail (Cardiff) 32,926, -11.4pc

    South Wales Echo (Cardiff) 39,361, -11.8pc


    Evening Express (Aberdeen) 51,800, -2.5pc

    Press and Journal (Aberdeen) 77,006, -3.9pc

    Evening Telegraph (Dundee) 23,180, -5.5pc

    Paisley Daily Express 8,764, -5.7pc

    Edinburgh Evening News 46,222, -6.1pc

    The Courier and Advertiser (Dundee)

    67,996, -6.2pc

    Greenock Telegraph 15,965, -6.5pc

    Evening Times (Glasgow)

    63,803, -12pc

    Northern Ireland

    Irish News 46,800 -2.3pc

    News Letter (Belfast) 25,250, -3.6pc

    Belfast Telegraph 68,024, -10.5pc

    Channel Islands

    Guernsey Press & Star 15,586, -2.7pc

    Jersey Evening Post 20,057, -4.9pc


    Onlooker (27/08/2009 15:18:28)
    God, what depressing figures. I used to live in Southampton when the Echo’s circulation was about 100,000. I know a lot of loyal pensioner readers have died since then but that doesn’t account for 64,000 readers turning their backs on their local paper.
    It can’t go on like this. I expect in 10 years time papers like the Echo and all the others might exist only as websites.
    What a terrible shame.

    Sean Keeney (28/08/2009 11:15:10)
    To be honest if all regional newspapers are as backward and unresponsive to their readers at the Gloucestershire Echo, they deserve to lose customers.

    Can we have the full picture (28/08/2009 12:36:38)
    It would be extremely interesting to see the actively purchased figure against the headline ABC – any chance of this, please, HTFP?

    HTFP Editor (28/08/2009 12:46:20)
    With 100s of paid-for UK daily/weekly papers in the ABCs, I’m afraid we don’t have the manpower to break up individual titles by how the papers are actually purchased by readers. Sorry – best bet is to contact ABC if you’d like to know specifics.

    Murdoch’s right hand (28/08/2009 14:21:17)
    Once upon a time readers paid for their newspapers and to read the stories. Time for newspapers to realise they can’t go on providing content on the internet for free and expect to address this slide.

    Razor Sharp (18/11/2009 09:05:49)
    If local papers like the North West Evening Mail keep diverting their ever-dwindling band of reporters into providing an all-singing all-dancing free website at the expense of an increasingly error-strewn and flimsy print product which looks like it’s been designed by monkeys with Attention Defecit Disorder, then the sad slow sales decline into obscurity will inevitably continue.