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Meet The Squirrelizer

Continuing our silly season theme, it seems that the now-famous photo of an American couple on holiday in Canada has turned it into ‘Squirrel Season’.

For those of you still unaware of what I’m talking about, check out one of the countless stories about how a playful intruder gate-crashed the duo’s holiday snap.

The photo has inevitably gone viral and one intuitive techy type has launched ‘The Squirrelizer’.

The concept is simple: enter the web address of any photo on the internet into The Squirrelizer and it will add our new friend – who’s called Nuts apparently – to the image.

Hint: To get the web address of the image, right click your mouse over the photo and scroll down to properties. The address should be there.

Online social media guide is running its own Top 10 of squirrel crasher pics. And here’s our entry to the collection – an adaptation of a big cat pic we featured in last week’s Friday Funnies.