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New title accused of lifting rival's old ads to fill pages

The Stroud News & Journal is claiming a new title in its area is lifting out-of-date ads to fill pages.

In an article run by the 18,000-selling Journal this week, the paper claims advertisers had been in touch after old classifieds began to appear in the newly launched Northcliffe title Stroud Life.

The article in the Newsquest-owned SNJ said: “The SNJ contacted a random 16 car advertisers who confirmed they had not contacted Stroud Life and were surprised to see their old SNJ advertisements running in the new weekly title.

“Further investigation has also shown that classified advertisements for furniture and household items which appeared in the SNJ several weeks ago have also been appearing in Stroud Life.

“The advertisers contacted by the SNJ confirmed they had not placed any advertisements with Stroud Life and many had already sold the items earlier in the year through the SNJ.”

The research showed that many of the items re-listed had actually already been sold.

News & Journal editor Sue Smith said: “We were very surprised to discover our ads appearing in Stroud Life.

“It is not the usual practice of an established newspaper company.

“If a paper is unable to sell genuine advertising, surely the decent thing to do is to lower pagination?”

She said that despite several attempts to contact senior staff at Stroud Life’s advertising department no one was available to comment.

Stroud Life was launched by Gloucestershire Media in March as a 64-page news and property magazine distributed on a part-paid, part-free basis.

Editor-in-chief for Gloucestershire Media, Ian Mean, would not comment on the claims, but said: “We are very pleased with what we are doing at Stroud Life.

“For the first time, people in that area have a choice.”


Mike (17/04/2008 14:46:00)
This is typical of Gloucestershire Media. Its not bad enough that their titles are becoming more and more like each other – The Citizen and Echo carrying same content including ads as well editorial it now appears it has to lift ads from a rival title. And why has it launched Stroud Life? Its not because it cares about the Stroud community – it shut its Stroud office some 5 years ago to save cost as this area has never been seen as core to them. The only reason its launched this title is to make money – it certainly isnt at the heart of the Stroud community. Having seen this product I can only assume it publishes it on the strength of Estate Agents support. If this support wasnt there would they still be publishing – I guess not. So come on Gloucestershire Media, show you really are at the heart of the Stroud community – open a local office manned by local people – both editorial and advertising and not trying to sell a ‘local’ product out of your Gloucester or Cheltenham offices some 10 mile away.

Nigel Hunter (17/04/2008 15:08:17)
Oh dear! They can’t even fill their own paper with adverts so they have to steal other peoples! Close this mockery of a newspaper down now!!

mark (19/04/2008 10:58:08)
They have an office in Stroud.

Ann (23/04/2008 18:23:13)
Stroud Life paper is getting rather dull, it’s Stroud & Proud moto is wearing a little thin, it reads like a tourist mag rather than a new packed local paper. As for copying another papers ads – how low can they go? Get a life Stroud Life.

David (04/05/2008 23:24:58)
All the above comments are from bitter SNJ EMPLOYEES believe me. If your from stroud you will know that the ‘local people’ were fed up with the SNJ , They treated their clients as if they had the monopoly . WHY do you think all the property advertisers moved to a NEW PUBLICATION !! Then i hear the SNJ tried to drop the price to advertise TOO LATE. I have to say That STROUD LIFE is a much better quality paper than the SNJ . If anyone Knows why did the SNJ EDITOR get suspended recently? and i hear you’ve lost a few employees ? + a new advertising director on his way ! I think you’ve had a bit of a shake up . As for the stealing adverts lolol( the free classified adverts at the back of the paper ) I spoke to someone at Stroud LIFE they didn’t recieve ONE complaint ! Only the SNJ lol I’m an advertiser based in stroud and the SNJ reps are saying stoud life are not in it for the long run ! they sound scared to me . If you’re from stroud you will know people like the new stlye paper in they’re area .