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Dating tips: Tell them how you're 'always sliming'…

A bumper set of Bank Holiday oddities from HTFP readers.

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Pssst: Which Croydon Advertiser reporter had their expenses claim bounced back when, upon closer examination of the receipt, it showed their expenditure included one packet of Galaxy Minstrels, 2x Sweet Tooth GG Tag (whatever they are) and a copy of Vogue?

The new head of media at Brighton and Hove Council may find it harder not to take it personally if the local paper criticises his organisation. Mike Taggart’s identical twin brother is Frankie Taggart, news editor at The Argus.

Maybe if she’d had an inkling, she could have cancelled the milk, or maybe even not gone out at all…

Another sad story – we’re wondering how she celebrated:

Wanna get slimed? Here’s the girl for you:

Meanwhile, Rob Irvine, at the Daily Post in north Wales, writes: “Here’s the latest from the Daily Post multimedia news hub.
“The men’s bathroom has a new energy-saving lighting system. The light comes on when you open the door and if you spend too long in the ‘ty bach’ you are plunged into darkness. It’s 21st century fridge technology like this that will save the planet. Just don’t go to the loo planning on reading The Times cover to cover.”

And on election day, the big question in the Southern Daily Echo?

Check out the Pet Accessories section from the classifieds section of The News in Portsmouth last week… seems Rover and friends are becoming pretty demanding in their needs:

You may have seen this story, of the man suffering terminal, aggressive cancer – now famous for giving a very positive last lecture for posterity on YouTube. Anyway, USA Today recently ran a story about his book… but the page was topped with a rather inappropriate banner ad:

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