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Ten Years Younger bid for deputy editor

Does your boss need some renovation work to help them look years younger?

Bedfordshire on Sunday deputy editor Liz O’Reilly is back at work after getting a serious make-over from the Channel 4 TV show 10 Years Younger.

She’s keeping quiet about what the experts did to improve the way she looks – and the difference it made.

But before the show the 40-year-old admitted that a lifetime of sun, stress and smoking meant that her face suggested she was actually a lot older.

The task of the team was to turn her into a newsworthy 37-year-old – rather than the mid-40s hack identified by a poll of people in the street.

Liz, who is also acting editor of Hertfordshire On Sunday, spotted an advertisement for contributors for the cruel-to-be-kind show and wrote off to see if they could help her.

She gets her half-hour of fame tonight at 8.30pm – so tune in and see for yourself if it worked out.

With a team of experts, presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones sets out to make contributors look and feel more youthful, with an action plan which could include anything from chemical peels and nose surgery, to new teeth, new clothes and new hair.

Then it’s back on to the street again, to find out if the tricks of the trade really did make them look 10 Years Younger.

  • We’ll carry her story here on HoldtheFrontPage next week.