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Reporter dares to do red-hot barefoot challenge

It was a case of mind over matter for reporter Ian Duncan when he took a walk across red-hot coals – in bare feet.

Ian, crime reporter at the Scarborough Evening News, was among volunteers to complete a firewalk on embers reaching temperatures of more than 500C – five times the boiling point of water.

And after a nervous start he enjoyed it so much that he tackled the 15ft course four times.

Ian (pictured) said: “You think it is going to hurt but it is like stepping on a warm carpet.

“Because you walk across the surface so fast there isn’t time for the heat to burn through.

“If you stood still you would end up with burnt feet, but it is a case of mind over matter.”

Ian took part in the challenge after being approached by his editor, and also raised £180 in sponsorship for St Catherine’s Hospice in Scarborough.

All participants were given a one-hour talk before the event to explain why they would get get burnt, and although unsure beforehand Ian was pleased to come away unscathed, with just soot-covered feet to show for his efforts.

He said: “When the editor asked me my initial response was ‘no thanks’ but I thought about it and thought it would be interesting to have a go.

“It was completely different to how I imagined and I would recommend it to people.”