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Pearcy’s been pierced!

News reporter Emma Pearcy has shared her latest fashion outing with readers of the Torquay Herald Express.

When she went out to get her navel pierced, the temptation to run a story on her experience was just too strong!

She was indulged by Chris Bellamy, piercer to the stars, who is also a cousin of Matt Bellamy from rock band Muse.

Emma said: “Body piercing was always something I had considered getting done but I always bottled it.

“After careful consideration – well, I was in the hands of an expert – I decided to have my navel done.

“The technique Chris employs on customers is to get them to concentrate on breathing; the deep ‘in the nose, out your mouth’ yoga-esque sort of thing.

“I was so busy concentrating on inhaling and what he was saying that before I knew it the job was done. I had barely felt a thing.”

And she confided in the readers: “All that remains to ask now, is what to go for next – ears, nose or tongue?”

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