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New President will step up

Ed Curran, editor of the Belfast Telegraph, will take over as President of the Society of Editors at its annual meeting in October.

He will replace Neil Fowler, editor of the Western Mail.

The meeting takes place on the final day of a three-day conference –The Future of News – being held by the Society in Cardiff from October 15-17.

Planned sessions will include:

  • The First Casualty – The Truth: – In the world of spin doctors and sophisticated political public relations is the news distorted?
  • News In A Politically Correct World: – Against a background of a desire to promote racial and sexual equality, protect young people and political correctness does the news suffer? Should news organisations be looking at new ways of reporting?
  • Freedom Of Information And Human Rights: – Can they co-exist? Can we develop a new culture balancing the public’s right to know with individual privacy?
  • Don’t They Want To Know?: – What do readers want to see in the news and where do they get it?
  • The Future Customer?: – Who will be the future customers for news organisations, what will they want and how will they want it presented?

The conference takes place at the Hilton Hotel, and Leader of the Opposition, William Hague, will speak to the conference on October 16.

To visit the Society of Editors website click here

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