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Inaccurate and intrusive?

Latest resolved complaints dealt with by the PCC during April 2002

The majority of complaints made to the Press Complaints Commission, which raise a possible breach of the Code of Practice, are resolved directly between the Commission’s staff, editors and complainants.

These are either settled to the express satisfaction of the complainant following some remedial action by the editor or are not pursued by complainants following an explanation or other response from the publication.

Listed here are summaries of complaints involving the regional press which fall into the first category.

Western Mail
Adam Higgitt of Cardiff complained that two articles had inaccurately reported the status of the currently closed Nantygwyddon landfill site. (Clause: 1)
Resolution: The newspaper published a follow-up piece clarifying which type of waste Nantygwyddon was licensed to accept and why locals had campaigned for its closure.

St Albans & Harpenden Observer
Kerry Pollard, MP for St Albans, complained that an article regarding a proposed hotel development was inaccurate. (Clause: 1)
Resolution: The complainant and his press officer met with the editor of the newspaper and some of her staff to discuss the issues arising from the article and from his complaint in order to develop a new working relationship.

Chester Chronicle
Deborah Robinson of the Chester & Ellesmere Port Independent Advocacy complained on behalf of Ms Jenny Brown that an article about the latter was unnecessary and intruded into her privacy. (Clause: 3)
Resolution: The editor wrote personally to the complainant to apologise for the distress the article had caused.

Tameside Advertiser
Joanne Gallimore of Manchester complained that an article regarding a fatal road accident had incorrectly identified her as ‘a friend’ of the man who was killed and had incorrectly suggested that she had been involved in a ‘three car convoy’ with him and another driver. (Clause: 1)
Resolution: The newspaper apologised personally to the complainant and published a correction and apology in a subsequent edition.

Guernsey Press and Star
Mr and Mrs T M Kirk of Guernsey complained that an article reporting the inquest into the death of their teenage son was inaccurate and intrusive in breach of the Code. (Clause: 1, 5, 6)
Resolution: The matter was resolved privately between the parties.

News Post Leader
D Walker complained that an article, which reported the recent death of his wife, was insensitive and intrusive in breach of Clause 5 of the Code. (Clause: 5)
Resolution: The newspaper wrote a letter of apology and regret for the distress caused by the article.

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