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Even El Alamein didn't part Stan from his paper!

For 60 years pensioner Stan Williams has bought every issue of the Walthamstow Guardian… and even the battle of El Alamein could not stop him reading it.

The 81-year-old was sent regular copies of the paper while serving four years in the Middle East during the Second World War.

And he believes he may be the most dedicated reader of the newspaper.

He said: “Local newspapers are more powerful than national newspapers. They keep the local council on its toes. They are more valuable than the nationals and people should be more appreciative, they do a lot of good.”

Stan started buying the Guardian when he was 17 to look for a football team in the borough that he could join.

He said: “I used to read the paper for the cinema listings but when I got to 17 I wanted to join a local football club. I started reading the paper and there was an advert for a team called Worpole Athletic in it. I haven’t missed one copy since the war.”

Stan was stationed with the 8th Army during the Second World War and worked in a mobile workshop unit throughout the Middle East helping to cannibalise war-damaged vehicles for parts.

He was involved in the battle of El Alamein in 1943 when the Allies secured Egypt from German invasion.

While he was posted abroad his mother would bound up a collection of Guardian newspapers every two months and then send them to him by boat.

Stan said: “The Guardian was sent to me through the four years I was out there.

“Not all the ships got through to us, some were sunk, but I always managed to keep abreast with events that were going on in Leytonstone.

“I still buy the Guardian every week. I’ve read it since I can remember and I’ve never missed an issue.”

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