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Dripping wet hack gets eye-witness reports after leisure pool evacuation

A journalist was left interviewing eye-witnesses to a bomb scare while dripping wet and wearing just his shorts, after being evacuated during a lunchtime swim.

Mansfield Chad sub-editor Peter Hemmett had been in the pool at the town’s swimming complex when he and his fellow swimmers were told to evacuate.

Once outside he discovered that a suspicious package had been found outside the neighbouring Territorial Army building.

As the bomb squad was called in, Peter and the other evacuees were ushered to a nearby park and the journalist borrowed a phone to call the newsdesk.

The 24-year-old said: “I was dripping wet and a little bit cold, but they did give us towels and foil sheets which was very kind.

“I had to beg a phone to ring the newsdesk and get them to send a photographer down so we could cover it.

“After he had taken some pictures of me he did lend me his fleece and a pen and paper so I could get some quotes.”

The Bath Street area of the town was cordoned-off for around two hours until the area was declared safe.

After speaking to police and eye-witnesses Peter went back to the Chad’s office to write up his story for its website

He was able to return to Water Meadows at around 3.30pm to collect his clothes and other belongings.

Peter said: “I got a lift back to the office and sat at my computer in just my shorts – I don’t know if I’ll ever live it down!”