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Carolyn braves the big top heights

West Briton news editor Carolyn Thomas reached new heights when she was packed off to the circus to learn the skill of a trapeze artist.

Dressed in a glittering turquoise costume, Carolyn was hoisted high into the roof of the big top while a group of acrobats performed their routine below.

Carolyn told her readers: “With visions of re-enacting the moment Nicole Kidman made her dazzling entry in the Moulin Rouge I entered Truro’s big top with great anticipation.

“I was whisked away into one of the caravan changing rooms, handed a satin turquoise costume, wriggled into the jumpsuit and matching sequin jacket and emerged looking like – well, nothing like Nicole – but suitably sparkly for my trapeze debut.

“An elaborate glittery ‘hat’ complete with blue feather was ceremoniously placed on my head and I was ready for the off.”

After being given the most important piece of advice by one of the circus performers – “don’t let go” – Carolyn was whisked into the air while the acrobatic routine was performed below her.

She said: “Now I’ve had the chance to do some rather wacky things in my career as a journalist but this has to be one of the most bizarre – especially as I had never actually been to a circus before.

“Though I was sorely tempted, I refrained from giving everyone a burst of Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (especially as Ewan McGregor wasn’t around to impress) and despite one wobbly, scary moment when the photographer asked me to lean forward for that perfect shot, I was lowered to the ground slowly and safely trotted off to meet the clowns.”

Carolyn was also offered the chance to have a go at performing high above the circus ring on the Wheel of Death – but decided that the trapeze was enough for one day, and politely declined.

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