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Standard's drugs initiative reaches 25,000

A weekly newspaper has joined forces with an anti-drugs campaign to distribute 25,000 information leaflets warning children of the dangers of heroin.

The Worcester Standard has been involved with the campaign – Take Action to Curb the Killer – for more than a year but spearheaded the latest push to educate parents by giving them the information they need.

The Standard revealed that children as young as 12 are injecting heroin in Worcester – quoting a former addict’s account of the local drugs scene.

The bright yellow TACKLE cards delivered with The Worcester Standard explain the dangers of drugs from cannabis and ecstasy to crack and heroin, the symptoms users will suffer from, the danger signs to look out for and a list of telephone helplines.

Worcester Standard editor James Iles said: “The TACKLE drugs awareness campaign aims to inform parents of the dangers of drugs and the warning signs to look out for.

“The Standard is proud to have been involved with this important campaign right from its inception over a year ago.

“We do not wish to alarm parents and hope they never have to use the TACKLE drugs guides. However, forewarned is forearmed.”

An additional 5,000 leaflets have also been made available at key agencies around Worcester and are set to be distributed to city high schools.

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