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It’s official: Elvis Presley is alive and well…
and living in Lower Boddington.

And it’s all thanks to the Daventry Express – which arranged for Elvis impersonator Jim Denness (71) to officially change his name by deed poll to that of the king of rock and roll.

He said: “This is what I’ve always wanted.

“After all he’s the King, there’s nobody else to match him. I’m changing my name in memory of my Elvis.”

“I reckon I’m the oldest Elvis as well, I could go in the Guinness Book of Records.”

And reporter Natasha House, who penned this week’s exclusive, said: “Elvis has been a successful impersonator for nearly a year, dancing and performing in clubs and parties all over Daventry and the surrounding area.

“He also has a vast collection of Elvis memorabilia, including records, newspaper and magazine cuttings.

“Now he has taken the legend’s name it will change on all his official documents including insurance details, passport, and driving licence.”

It may well be that 25 years ago today, the King left the building for the last time. But the actions of the Daventry Express and Jim Denness have really brought a new lease of life to Elvis Aaron Presley

Express deputy editor Adam Hollier said: “We grabbed a form off the Internet, which is all above board, got advice from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the job was done!

“All you have to do is to get a form to send to banks and other bodies and that’s it – and at the age of 70-plus you’re a real Elvis dancer, jump suit and all.”

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