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Newspapers on the up

The South Wales Argus, Paisley Daily Express, York Evening Press and Irish News were the daily papers that scooped awards for their circulation growth at a gala awards ceremony hosted by The Newspaper Society.

The top-selling regional and local newspapers were applauded by the industry at the Blackpool event.

The fastest growing newspaper in Britain was revealed as the South Wales Argus, with an overall base increase of 679 copies a day, more than 250 ahead of any other title.

The paper lifted the Bristol Evening Post & Press Award for the best overall evening newspaper base sale increase.

It also scooped the award for the highest base sale increase for July-December in the UK, recording a base sale increase of 1,651 copies.

For more on the Argus’ achievement see HoldTheFrontPage tomorrow.

The Paisley Daily Express was awarded the Northcliffe Newspapers special merit award for daily newspapers that have achieved consistent growth over a three-year period with an increase of 8.17 per cent.

The Irish News won the Trinity plc morning newspaper award for morning newspapers with a circulation over 25,000 for an increase of 3.2 per cent.

And the York Evening Press won the Eastern Counties Newspapers award for evening newspapers with a circulation between 40,000 and 80,000 for a 0.29 per cent increase year-on-year.

The Wigan Evening Post was awarded the Johnston Press award for an evening paper with circulation less than 40,000 for its 3.7 per cent rise.

The newspapers were judged by base sales – news trade and subscription copies only. All bulk sales including special editions have been excluded.

The York paper has now enjoyed seven consecutive six-monthly sales increases.

Daphne Ellis, managing director of York & County Press which publishes the Evening Press said: “This is a major award for us, it ranks among the Oscars of the newspaper sales world.

“I am delighted that it recognises the hard work and professionalism that has helped put the Evening Press at the forefront of evening newspapers in Britain.

“But more than that it shows that our readers appreciate our product and more and more people are getting the message.”

In the remaining categories, the Cornish Guardian took the Johnston Press award for a weekly newspaper with a circulation over 25,000 with a 2.83 per cent increase, while the Crawley Observer award for circulation for a weekly between 15,000 and 25,000 was won by the Kentish Express with a sales increase of 2.83 per cent

The Regional Independent Media Ltd award for weekly newspapers with a circulation between 5,000 and 15,000 was won by the Clydebank Post with an increase of 14.1 per cent.

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