30 January 2015

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Tindle launches fortnightly London title

Tindle Newspapers is today launching another new London title in the shape of the paid-for Chingford Times.

The new fortnightly publication is a spin-off from the publisher’s Yellow Advertiser group which has partially covered the suburb since 1982.

Chairman Sir Ray Tindle has embarked on a strategy of delivering news at a hyperlocal level in the belief that readers are primarily interested in what is happening in their immediate communities.

He personally identified Chingford as the latest area of London to benefit from the strategy which has already been rolled-out across other parts of the capital.

Yellow Advertiser managing director Scott Wood said: “The marketplace continues to remain difficult and there is a need for newspapers to evolve and change as we tackle the challenges ahead.

“We sincerely hope the Chingford Times will satisfy readers who are thirsty for really local news about their community, and advertisers who need a platform to reach these people.

“Chingford is not entirely new territory for this company.  The Yellow Advertiser has partially covered the town since l982 so the Chingford Times editor, Greg Fidgeon, and sales representative Dale Harris already have a good knowledge of this jewel in London.

“We hope to become more closely associated as the months go by.  We are all at the service of the residents and business community of Chingford.”


  1. Vicky Tims

    I would just like to say how proud I am to be part of a Newspaper Group that despite being in the middle of a recession is still reaching for growth.

    The Chingford Times is exactly what the people were asking for a Hyper Local Paper all about the People and Events in Chingford.

    Well done Greg for capturing this perfectly!

    This is such a wonderful positive when so many Newspaper Groups are reducing paginations/closing titles!!!

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  2. Byron

    The Tindle hyper local paper model failed miserably in Enfield so excuse me for feeling a little bit cynical over this latest launch.
    Tindle attempted to bring his hyper local philosophy to north London and – following a much trumpeted launch dubbed ‘The Enfield Solution’ which saw three new papers called The Heralds hit the streets – they disappeared without trace as quickly as they arrived.
    Just a quick question: How much more work does this mean for the staff of the Yellow Advertiser?

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  3. underpaid

    I just don’t get Tindle’s way of thinking.

    Some Tindle staff haven’t had any sort of pay rise in over three years, other staff that have left aren’t being replaced meaning more work for already over-stretched news rooms.

    Yet he brings out another free newspaper?

    At the same time he claims poverty when staff dare to ask for a pay rise or the possibility of bringing more staff in to help with the workload?

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  4. Vicky Tims

    The first edition of this product has been successful as this was something that the local people of Chingford wanted, a good old fashioned hyper local.

    Most people accross the country have not had pay rises in the last three years, I and many others feel fortunate to be working for a Company that doesnt continually make redundancies. Instead it choses to keep people in jobs which as we are all fully aware goes against the grain.

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  5. JessicaH, Essex

    Wise up, Vicky. Tindle does make redundancies. He makes positions redundant once someone has left – as I am all too aware having followed the Enfield dispute with growing alarm. Yes, he keeps papers open but have you seen what kind of papers they have become – sad little enterprises like those in the West Country written by one man and his dog usually about one man and his dog.
    This is not proper journalism and, if you are a journalist, don’t you feel ashamed at the poor quality product your readers are constantly having to endure through their letter boxes? As a very concerned reader of a range of north London newspapers including the Yellow Advertiser I can speak from experience.

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  6. MarkWallinger, London

    Are you in a union, Vicky? Shouldn’t you be campaigning for an increase in pay and improved conditions rather than just soaking it all up? Looking forward to hearing from you in six months time when the increased workload starts to bite…or perhaps you would have left the company by then and gone to work for a proper newspaper…

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  7. Dale Harris, Chingford

    Speaking as one of the sales team involved in this new Paid for project, Not Free, and after two months of door knocking and asking the general public what they wanted from newspapers within the E4 post code I feel this has been a pleasure to produce a paper that is targeted specifically for the people of Chingford.

    Yes work loads has increased but in the light of the climate I feel we are still very lucky to be in a job and keeping roofs over our family’s heads.

    People who chose to strike and moan about pay are obviously entitled to have there opinion but may surely be better looking at the bigger picture.

    The positive’s are that the businesses and the public in the area have welcomed this with open arms and this new title will only grow from strength to strength and carry more and more E4 local news.

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  8. Tindle employee, london

    The local paper ‘model’ in Enfield ‘did not fail miserably’ it was a success in that copies ‘flew off the shelves’. A mistake was made in its advertising rate structure, but it was of course a first ‘model’.

    These newspapers have not disappeared without trace. They exist as part of the Enfield core titles.

    The Chingford Times was launched to provide the people of Chingford with a quality local newspaper and help preserve existing jobs within the Yellow Advertiser group.

    I do not recall Tindle Newspapers claiming poverty. What we have is our London businesses making losses.

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    [...] owner, Sir Ray Tindle, launched a new newspaper in Chingford. The journalism trade media lapped it up, naturally. Chairman Sir Ray Tindle has embarked on a strategy of delivering news at a hyperlocal [...]

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